Engage, Educate
And Empower


Our avatar platforms provide real-time software solutions to facilitate user and client interactions, whether between a heart patient and their physician, or a retailer and a potential customer. Our TTS and NLP technologies enable fully conversational dialogues, tailored to both client and user needs. AI and Deep Learning allow our avatars to remember and record unique user interactions, which enable ongoing and sustainable relationships, and encourage users to complete tasks and fulfill client determined pathways. Our proprietary avatar creation technologies are unique in their abilities to engage users and maintain their interest, providing the results our clients require. This is typically offered to clients as a subscription based service.


Our avatars are created to take care of people, to help them through a variety of tasks, whether coaching an ADHD student through their homework, or helping a Rewards member upgrade their vacation package.  Whatever the need, our client-custom avatars are there to assist the user get what they want, and to enable our clients to make sure their customers are perfectly serviced in the process. Through a variety of technologies, including AI, TTS, NLP and Deep Learning, our avatars are able to assist, coach, guide, educate, and even nurture a user through even the most complex online experiences. With an idAvatars solution, help is always available.



  • 87% increase in conversion rates

  • 80% accuracy of form completion

  • 98% increase in form completion

  • 33% reduction in call center labor

  • 54% of consumers prefer engaging with virtual assistants over a live person. 

  • 300% increase in online enrollment between the first year of implementation to the third year


  • Guided customer journey experience
  • Customer service
  • Form completion
  • Staff and client training/on-boarding
  • Coaching and training
  • Information and guidance in finances and health
  • Patient monitoring and support

Improve Outcomes,
Compliance, Access
and Availability


Virtual customer assistants that are integrated with biometric devices, relevant content and telemedicine greatly increase access, manage costs and improve outcomes. A win/win for patients, providers and payers.


Grow Acquisition,
Engagement and
Customer Service


In today's digital world, consumers much prefer to get information, shop and compare online. iDA delivers guided experiences, relevant content and customer service to improve engagement and conversion.


Improve Enrollment,
Training and Results


From college level online learning to guided experiences on mastering complex skills, our avatars provide a highly effective, efficient and engaging platform. We increase both comprehension and completion.