Engage, Educate
And Empower


Our customer engagement platforms feature virtual customer assistants (VCA) that engage, educate and empower users. The company has Healthcare, EdTech and FinTech solutions to guide consumers through both simple and complex processes and decisions.  Each VCA is uniquely branded as to gender, age, ethnicity, dress and accent.  We offer a range of platforms from simple guided experiences that guide users through the completion of forms and documents to conversational avatars that become a trusted advisor, coach and even companion. Whatever the solution we deploy we continually monitor, measure and improve to optimize your results. Metrics measured include Conversion, Engagement and Satisfaction.


Consumers now prefer a self-directed experience online without the need to speak to an agent. Their need for information is 24x7 and real-time. But, call centers are expensive and offer an inconsistent experience; they interrupt the self-directed experience desired by most users. Our virtual assistants deliver a consistent, always available and fully scalable solution that improves user experience and customer satisfaction.



  • 87% increase in conversion rates

  • 80% accuracy of form completion

  • 98% increase in form completion

  • 33% reduction in call center labor

  • 54% of consumers prefer engaging with virtual assistants over a live person. 

  • 300% increase in online enrollment between the first year of implementation to the third year


  • Guided customer journey experience
  • Customer service
  • Form completion
  • Staff and client training/on-boarding
  • Coaching and training
  • Information and guidance in finances and health
  • Patient monitoring and support

Improve Outcomes,
Compliance, Access
and Availability


Virtual customer assistants that are integrated with biometric devices, relevant content and telemedicine greatly increase access, manage costs and improve outcomes. A win/win for patients, providers and payers.


Grow Acquisition,
Engagement and
Customer Service


In today's digital world, consumers much prefer to get information, shop and compare online. iDA delivers guided experiences, relevant content and customer service to improve engagement and conversion.


Improve Enrollment,
Training and Results


From college level online learning to guided experiences on mastering complex skills, our avatars provide a highly effective, efficient and engaging platform. We increase both comprehension and completion.