AI Is Here For Good. Use It - Don’t Fight It.

There is more than a little concern and anxiety in the world today about robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants (VA) entering the workforce and replacing jobs typically held by humans. The simple fact is that yes, many simple and repetitive job tasks will be taken over by virtual assistants. However, rather than lamenting what you may lose, we need to look at what we will gain from these new advancements.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual assistants are rapidly accelerating. We are at the beginning of a new wave of development that will greatly disrupt the way we do business, create new opportunities for innovation and significantly improve the daily life for consumers. The wheels of progress will just keep rolling and the technology will just continue to get better, faster and less expensive.

While the simple and repetitive aspects of your job may soon be performed by a VA, it is much better to look at this as a promotion vs. a threat. Humans can (and should) now focus on the parts of our jobs that require experience, talent, insight and empathy. The value from AI and VA systems comes from how they can augment and amplify human cognition. These tools are there to help us, not to do our thinking for us. The technology should inspire us, help us to better understand and ultimately solve problems more efficiently.

We as humans want to be served. We don’t want to wait. We want it now. More and more we don’t want to pay for services. However, the result of not paying for services is that we now live in the era of no help. Customer service has become a major cost item and corporations are working to cut costs. So, we are now on our own, pumping our own gas, troubleshooting our own devices and figuring out what is the best insurance plan for our needs. This is where VAs step in as they are available 24/7 with no waiting, infinitely scalable and they always provide accurate information.

By nature, once we humans have a service that benefits us, we don’t want to give it up. The fact is that every day more people are regularly interacting with VAs and AI. While you may be skeptical at first to engage with a VA, we are seeing in overwhelming numbers that once consumers utilize a VA they greatly prefer it to the old (human interaction) way of calling, sitting on hold and getting inaccurate information. The train is leaving the station, get on board now or you risk being in the left behind economy.