Digital Intelligent and Compassionate Avatar “Zuri” Launched in Africa!



African media company Frontline Media Management partners with US company idAvatars to launch and distribute an AI powered virtual character ‘avatar’ in Africa.

• Great platform for customer service experience, idAvatars leads the way by developing avatars with human like characteristics to assist consumers in accessing information efficiently.
• The future of businesses and organizations is VOICE! Frontline Media Africa paving the way for Voice Interface Technology growth in Africa!

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 23rd May 2019: Companies, businesses and brands in Africa can now integrate interactive online avatars within their digital platforms and offer a completely new and exciting digital experience. This Artificial Intelligence powered platform, developed by idAvatars from Wisconsin, USA, in partnership with Pan African media house Frontline Media Management based out of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, will launch and distribute an intelligent and compassionate ‘avatar’, a virtual character platform that engages users in a manner that makes it easier to navigate, get information and analyze data from various online platforms.

Chief Executive Officer for Frontline Media Management, Irene Kiwia said, “With the growing digital transformation, disruption and commoditization of services in Africa there is a massive demand for innovative technologies that will enable businesses to reach and engage often neglected consumers. At an era where a customer centric approach is critical for winning, innovative technologies like
intelligent “Virtual Customer Assistants are becoming a must have. “The avatar who we are calling Zuri, boasts such human characteristics as compassion, empathy, intelligence and humor.”

Kiwia further explained that “Zuri is also smart; and much like any other person, (only she is not a person) she takes the time to know the person she interacts with, gets to identify and understand personality types by picking up on the user’s preferences and then responds appropriately”.

The engaging design of the avatar will increase access to online and digital platforms for companies making the experience efficient and enjoyable, benefitting both clients and users including users with impairments.

“Beneficiaries of Zuri includes financial service providers such as Banks, telecommunication companies, learning institutions, Health service providers, Pharmaceuticals, insurance and customer care sectors and many other establishments that use online platforms to interact with their clients and customer bases”, Kiwia stated.

On the uptake of the digital platform growing at a rapid pace on the African continent and globally Kiwia said “it is important that online platforms are not only designed to give information but also users are guided to relevant information, in the shortest and most efficient way. The end results are cost savings, increased engagements, happy customers/clients and business/service growth.”

Speaking about Zuri during the partnership announcement, Founder of iDAvatars, Mr. Norrie Daroga said, “We are committed to creating the next generation of interactive mobile technology that thrives on the relationship with the user. Digital avatars not only have an IQ to help connect people and share information, they also possess EQ – an emotional intelligence that allows them to respond to the human condition, interacting with users with empathy and humanity. Not only do they collect and report information, they have a heart and a sense of humor”.

Talking about nature and character of the application Daroga said, ‘We believe that the virtual character on the other end of your conversation should be someone you trust, and someone who listens to you. Zuri, who is inspired by Sophie, the first intelligent agent created by idAvatars, is all of that and much more”.

“We are the only integrated platform in the field that combines superior animation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, automated speech recognition, and text to speech to build avatars capable of listening, having contextual conversations and responding with gestures”, Daroga added.

“Zuri is able to capture and analyze semantic data – but words are only about half of human communication. By also collecting and analyzing data like facial expressions, gestures, vocal tone, etc. she increases the value of each interaction,” Daroga concluded.

The new partnership means companies and institutions in Africa will have easier access to this ground-breaking innovation whose benefits include the facts that AI avatars are accurate and consistent, available and scalable ready to serve 24/7, reduce operating expenses, simplify complexities, increase brand engagement and loyalty, are able to access marginalized users with special needs and limited literacy while setting businesses apart from competition.


Frontline Media Management (FMM)

Frontline Media Management is a media, communication and technology company based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, that works across Africa through a powerful network of affiliates and partners to deliver media and communication services that are technology and digitally focused.


idAvatars, a company headquartered in Wisconsin, USA is a leading developer of virtual characters that engage in conversations and have personality and character that match people’s needs and styles. idAvatars firmly believes that focusing on human behavior, not bleeding edge technology, provides the best results from the application of AI.

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