Unique Products
Unique People


It takes a unique company to create a unique product and iDAvatars certainly fits the description. What holds everything together is dedication to a shared goal — to create genuinely caring avatars who can build trusting, enduring relationships. 

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Our Vision
A world where people communicate with digital devices in the same way they do with other people.

Our Mission
Build a user experience that enables digital devices to understand a person’s intent as effectively as other people do.


Who We Are

We are an avatar company. It’s in our name and in our DNA. This means the avatar is central to our product and cannot be added on as an after-thought. The question we always ask is “How does adding an avatar help solve a problem for this client, in a manner that adds value?” If we cannot satisfactorily answer this question, we should not be selling or building the product. 

We are also a technology company. We figure out how to use existing technologies in unique ways, ensuring that our avatars work on devices that are ubiquitous in people’s lives. The proprietary nature of our work is the way we connect these technologies to create the user experience we desire. Technology enables us to design remarkable avatars; it is not the reason people buy our products. 

We want people to experience our avatars on both web and mobile platforms. The experience needs to be frictionless, with the avatar knowing what the person needs for self-directed wellness, finances, education or other goals. The user should not need to learn how to use the device or the avatar, which is the inverse of how products are designed by most companies.


Our Clients & Partners