Intelligent Digital Avatars

The Art & Science
of Empathy

Emotional Intelligence

It’s Art. It’s Science.
It’s Both.


Promising as it is, Artificial Intelligence is only part of the solution. To create a truly responsive system for today’s needs, you need to add a healthy dose of Emotional Intelligence into the mix.

It’s not easy to achieve, and not that many people even understand it. It requires a unique combination of disciplines, both Art & Science, which we’ve perfected at IDAvatars. It’s an infinitely shifting axis that forms the dynamic of every avatar we build. Their purpose is to listen, to observe, to comfort, to sooth, and to act on the user’s behalf, in the user’s best interest. They provide a level of service to patients, customers and clients that is simply unparalleled.

To get a taste for yourself, download our mini-demo, SophieCare, from the AppStore or GooglePlay.


Empathy is the ability to put yourself into someone else’s situation. To feel what they’re feeling, experience what they’re experiencing. A machine can’t do that, but if you build it with genuine concern and understanding for the people who will be using it, you can come very, very close.


Empathy Science

Sophie is a patient advocate. She listens to your patients, acknowledges and commiserates with them, helps them through their health maintenance program, shows them how to use and read their various telemedicine devices, keeps track of their progress and picks up on other life and healthcare issues that may come up.

Through our unique combination of animation, voice and technology, Sophie is able to build a genuine relationship with your patients; they like her, trust her, feel safe with her, confide in her, tell her things they might not reveal in a face-to-face office visit.

Then Sophie gives it all back to you, so you know exactly how each of your patients are doing on a daily basis. If there’s cause for concern, you’ll know about it. In a serious event, you can intercede before an ER visit. At every step of the way, Sophie helps your patients stay healthy, and helps you keep them that way.

It takes a unique company to create a unique product, and IDAvatars certainly fits the description. With key players spread out across the globe, from Los Angeles to Pune, Lisbon to Bristol to Washington D.C., the disciplines, cultures and personalities are as diverse as the time zones. But what holds everyone together is a shared dedication to one goal — to introduce empathy and emotions to computer intelligence, and to create a genuinely caring characters that build trusting, enduring relationships with people.


None of which has been easy. But with Norrie’s foresight and vision, we have built a team of visionaries and expert technologists who turn his goal into a viable product. As a result, technologies considered bleeding edge to others are commonplace in the iDAvatar builds. NLP? ASR? TTS? Emotion recognition? Unity Animation? The profound cognitive computing power of IBM Watson? Check under the hood. It’s all in there. And it all illustrates IDAvatars’ vision and drive — what else can an avatar do to help people in need, and what technology is out there, or needs to be developed, to help them do it.

Norrie Daroga – Founder & CEO
Norrie is a senior executive and attorney with over 30 years experience leading & operating businesses. He was a partner at Quarles & Brady LLP and a C-level executive at Metavante Technologies, Inc. where he co-managed their IPO in 2007.

Jerry Brown – CCO
Jerry is responsible for our avatar and app design, character development and conversation. Formerly Senior Creative Director at the IBM Centre for Innovation, Jerry comes to us with a wide range of disciplines, and combines design with behaviorism to craft our unique avatar experiences. A writer with a background in theatre, architecture and fine arts, he integrates with our tech teams to bring us that special edge.

Antonio Saraiva – Animation & Integration
Antonio has over 20 years’ experience developing games and programs for print, television and multimedia. His games have been published on computer, mobile and Nintendo platforms. He was a director for an experimental arts center and a television producer and director, authoring children’s pop music and a television series about youth culture in Portugal. Antonio has taught Game Design and Game Production at the Universidade Lusófona.


Dan German – System Architect
Dan has been developing artificial intelligence systems for over 18 years in manufacturing, law enforcement, financial services and medical research. In the last 8 years, he has focused on natural language systems with for multinational clients, including Lloyds Banking Group and Verizon Wireless.

Nagendra Goel - Engineering
Nagendra has over 22 years of experience in speech and natural language process technology development as well as strong software architecture and development expertise. He currently serves as the Founder/Co-Founder of Govivace, Inc. and EnableDoc, LLC. Previously, he worked at Telogy Networks (now Texas Instruments), Entropic (now Microsoft), IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, LSI Logic and Apptek Inc. Nagendra has a Ph.D. from the Center of Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University and a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Marybeth Larsen – Government Contracts
Marybeth has over 30 years in the modeling and simulation industry, dating back to General Electric Aerospace. She has worked for Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, CAE USA and Vcom3D in progressive positions culminating in executive operational responsibilities.

We are idavatars and this is the Art & Science of Empathy

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